Employers can play a more significant role in the healthcare of their employees by engaging and empowering employees telehealth services.

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Employees struggling with health issues can drain a company’s productivity and significantly impact overall morale. However, by offering convenient access to health professionals – employees are less likely to miss work, or take time off to get the care they need for themselves or their family.

By using telehealth appropriately, instead of in-person visits to a doctor’s office, emergency room or an urgent care facility, corporations can lower overall downstream costs and mitigate the potential for lower workplace productivity.

Telehealth enables employees to confidentially share health information with licensed health professionals that can help and send necessary prescriptions to the pharmacy immediately and reduce costly hospital readmissions and emergency room visits.

By initiating a corporate wellness program supported by telehealth, companies can provide the education, motivation and healthcare support workers’ need in their everyday lives. For organizations seeking to improve the impact of their corporate wellness initiatives, telehealth can serve as a partner for employees to take a more active role in improving and maintaining their own health.